Certification Course Requirements

Lectures in Counseling Ministry and Theology

30 Hours of Lecture Content Is Required For Certification. You will have access to weekly lectures in the form of audio podcasts (see EP139), on-demand video, Social Media pop-ups and Zoom calls. Several guest professors will join us for sessions when they are available. All of the material will be available and uploaded for on-demand access after the live lecture is concluded. The core lecture series will be a biblical study of the nature of counseling.

The approach of this class is that of a pastor, not of a researcher. My primary desire is to explore the word of God on these great matters of counseling, discipling, and personal ministry. This is not a research project detailing the various systems of psychological theory. Others have done excellent work in this area - and you are assigned reading material to cover these topics. The general references made to psychological theory in this lecture series are given to provide spiritual contrasts and biblical warnings.

Reading Assignment

Counseling God's Way

A chapter by chapter reading assignment will be required. A digital workbook and audio lecture will be provided inside the Student Dashboard.

Reading Report:

For textbooks other than Counseling God's Way, a reading report is required. During this course the student is responsible for completing all the required reading. The student needs to read carefully, thinking about how the material applies to his own life, as well as others he will minister to. Please follow the format of the reading report below. One report (minimum of one page per textbook) on all that has been read from your textbooks.*


Read the assigned books and type out your answers to the following questions (minimum one page per required textbook). Please give concise but relevant answers to the questions. This assignment is worth 15% of your total grade, so make what you write count. It may be helpful to take notes while reading the material.

Type out each question below and carefully answer all of them for each of your eight textbooks. Please upload to the course portal upon finishing (one at a time). 

Reading Report

Title and Author of the Book: 

You Name:

1. Did you read the entire book? Yes ______, No ______. 

If not, indicate the percentage read ______. 

What were the pages you read? _________.

2. What important principles did you see concerning the Christian life and biblical counseling? (Please summarize them.)

3. Was there anything you disagreed with or had questions about? If so, what?

4. What were the most significant challenges or lessons you learned for your own life from the reading assignments?

5. Was there someone you encouraged with what you have learned? If so, please explain.

Counseling Case Reports

During the course of the year, you will watch several video counseling sessions. Upon completing each video counseling session you will need to answer twelve questions on the Case Report Form and submit them on the student portal on or before the time they are due as listed on the Assignment Schedule below. Altogether you need to turn in three reports.


After completing the lectures & reading your textbooks - there will be a Counseling Theology Exam and a Biblical Counselors Exam. One covers theology and the other practical counseling matters. A comprehensive exam tutorial will be provided. It is important that you keep good notes during the reading & lecture portion of the class because most of the questions on this exam will come from this material. The exam will be submitted online and is open book, open notes.

IABC Membership and Certification Packet

After completing the Exams, you will work on your IABC Membership and Certification Packet. This includes: applications, character references, background check, affirmation & denials and the fees.

We will guide you through this process. 


50 Sessions of supervised counseling:

  • Counseling supervision is completed remotely via email and Zoom.
  • You will need to complete and send your supervisor a Case Report for each counseling session.
  • At least 10 sessions must be with the same counselee.
  • Audio record a minimum of 5 sessions to review and discuss with your supervising Fellow.
  • The 50 sessions must be completed within one year.
  • Meet with your supervisor to review each Case Report.


  1. Lectures in Counseling Ministry and Theology (30 Hours Required)
  2. Reading Report (1 Report per textbook)
  3. Case Report Forms
  4. Exams (Theology & Counseling)
  5. Practicum (50 Hours of Supervised Counseling)
  6. IABC Membership and Certification Packet