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Counselor Certification in One Year

Soul Care Training Includes:

 18 Month Access: All The Guidance You Need To Earn Your Diploma In One Year. Let's Get You To The Finish Line. ✝︎

 On-Demand: Foundations & Fundamentals Audio/Video Training 🎥

 Group Meetings: A Monthly Zoom Meeting With Pastor Jeff To Answer Your Burning Questions. 🗓

 Graded Homework: Your Assignments, Quizzes, Exams, Evaluations and Assessments Will Be Reviewed To Make Sure You Succeed. 📝

 Digital File Cabinet:  Administrative Help to Keep Track of Your Assignments. 🗄️

 Weekly Podcast: Audio Messages Aligned With Your Training and Reminders On How To Be A Successful Instrument in the Hands of Our Wonderful Counselor, Jesus Christ. 🎙️

 Facebook/YouTube LIVE:  Pop Up Training Live on Social Media to Keep You Motivated and Moving Toward the Finish Line. 🎥

 Certification File Prepared:   We Prepare Your Entire File and Submit It to The International Association Of Biblical Counselors Board Of Directors For Speedy Review and Finalization. ✔️

 Qualify for Alumni Momentum:  Students Who Wish to Pursue IABC Certification Qualify For You Next Step - Membership in the Momentum Program! 🚀

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Postcards from my students:

Jeff was a voice of reasoned grace and maturity in a competition of personalities. He was an ally that believed in me, and gave me the chance that I needed... He understood my medical problems and worked with me. He was the one that created a plane that saved my academic efforts and stood with me when others might have not have been willing to go the extra mile for me. It was an honor to be a student under his charge.


Pastor Jeff dropped so many gems in this week’s podcast. Some of the very best advice that I ever received in my life was NOT to respond in haste to criticism, slander, rejection or other’s vile comments. I am in total agreement with pastor Jeff that whenever I have not followed this advice I have regretted it.