Counseling God's Way

In contrast to counseling man's way, I desire to point God's people back to Jesus as our wonderful counselor. Many have forsaken Him as the sufficient source of counsel. I want to help you avoid the pitfalls of following after man's wisdom, and in turn, lead you forward in trusting the Lord Jesus for His infinite, reliable riches that are ours in Christ.

Does This Sound Like You?


    You have a heart to counsel and disciple, and you want to do it with skill and compassion.

   You’re already Counseling God's Way, but you want to learn more and become better equipped to handle the tough cases. 

   You’re committed to the Sufficiency of Scripture, and want to take a deeper dive into what the Bible says about modern problems.

If those points describe you, congratulations—you’re in the right place!

My name is Jeff Christianson. I’m your Dean of Biblical Counseling!

I train, coach and certify Biblical Counselors like you in Christian counseling certification, so you can grow in your counseling ministry, equipping you to impact others with the life-changing, life-giving Word of God.

I’m also the Dean of Biblical Counseling with Calvary Chapel University, where we offer degree programs in counseling and theology.

Most importantly, I’m a husband to Jennifer and father to Andrew, Jeremiah, Ruth and Sarah, my sweet little family. We live and serve the Lord in the Colorado Rockies.

From time to time, I publish a new podcast episode with my wife as a special guest. If this is your first time here, I’d recommend checking out the podcast!


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